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    Default How to Maintain this Girl - Texts Included - Help Appreciated

    Basically I met this girl,

    Spent a week before f closing.

    In the process however she did reject my k close... twice. After f closing she said she didn't want to be emotionally involved, which was understood.

    It's been a little over a week now and she texts every day and I always act busy whether it's because I am or because I know she is, so I make it out like I wouldn't be able to see her anyways.

    Have only seen her once since and it was in a friendly kind of way, just a walk for a little since we live very close, however she had to go to bed early which she told me ahead of time. She did however stay up late on texting me.

    Basically here is the dilemma...

    I don't know where I stand with her. She is always acting very bitchy through text, and it's been a week of texting and I feel like we're practically friends when we were supposed to be friends with benefits I guess.

    Here is an example:

    She texts me, then I ask if she wants to hang at the jacuzi tonight in our community instead of being on her usual Facebook, twitter, etc.

    She says

    "Can't doll doing some work"

    *1 minute later*

    "Not on social networks hahahaha"

    *3 minutes later*

    "Doll in a british accent"

    *20 minutes later*

    "Im sure now you're upset and you like don't write back or anything only because things did not turn out your way.... hahah"

    *30 minutes later*

    "pfff thats so uncool"

    To which I write back

    "I'm very uncool and upset.... how did you know? I had a feeling you wee a psychic"

    Then proceeded to send her a pic of my friend who's hand was bleeding (needs stitches) and I was helping out in the mean time, with a very brief message about it.... not sure if that was a good idea lol, but she isn't freaked out by blood or anything.

    She didn't write back, but she did read it. (but i expect she does in the morning)

    She always sends annoying texts like those like "be more cool and original with your texts!" or "all that time to respond and thats the best you can come up with!"

    It's just annoying... how do I put her in her place and get back to the friends with benefits relationship instead of this annoying text convos?

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    Default Re: How to Maintain this Girl - Texts Included - Help Appreciated

    Shut her down. Dont text her except when you are organising the next f'close. She how she responds to NC. Or maybe she's right, she wants more provocative texts. Write her very provocative things like 'doll? Yeah your kinda like a blow up doll - dont want any emotions' or 'Im on my way over to your place now...Im going to strip you naked, pin you against a wall and....' If your relationship is sexual without emotions, only discuss sexual things and dont get emotional.

    Or the best way of all is to game other girls and ignore her. She sounds mean. The ball is in her court irrelevent of whats she doing, not doing or whether you are friends or not. Not point having lousy conversations with someone and not getting compensation.

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