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Thread: How to get my girlfriend back - posted this twice

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    Default How to get my girlfriend back - posted this twice

    Hey folks- I posted this twice and ignored the forum rules.

    Here is the original post:
    How to get my girlfriend back, I need miracle advice

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    Default Re: How to get my girlfriend back, I need miracle advice

    Quote Originally Posted by pedro_velazquez77 View Post
    We work together.

    Her parents hate me and so does her extended family or atleast I think they do, All of her friends at work are telling her she can do better.
    Im not going to give you advice to get her back because that is just going to feed the beta male in you. It didnt work out, move on with your life and let her move on with hers.

    7 years...where was it heading? If you truly liked each other and were meant to be, it would not be an on off relationship. You would date for a few years then propose...or move on. Right now you have nothing except your own fragile emotions to compare it to so naturally you desperately want her to like you again or regain some of the past feelings. Thats very hard to do. You are living your life with your eyes in the rear view mirror instead of on the road ahead. You feel pain because you have not let time heal. Your are constantly thinking of her so the natural reaction is to try get her back...but the better option is to let time heal.

    If the relationship was heading somewhere where did you take it? Relationships that continue into marriage usually continue into extended families and children. You want to be with someone who's relatives and friends like you because when you get married it gets far more complex dealing with parents, siblings, kids etc.

    So I think you need to man up and accept it failed and move on to find someone better rather than trying to flog a dead horse. Your chasing the ghosts of sentimentality when you could be chasing new beautiful women. The most alpha act is often the bravest and the bravest thing you can do is walk away - for your sake and hers. Yeah you have to face her at work...but she might leave, you could get another job...I mean its not prison. You wont care anyway if you start dating someone better. You might think 'oh this time we'll work it out and I'll be more Alpha' but you know in your heart you will still be on the same carousel. Get off and try a different ride.

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