Hey there folks!

Just handling another problem and I'm curious if someone of you had comparable experiences. A dew days ago I mixed a drink for this guest who gave me her numver allthough we didn't really talk THAT MUCH (since I was working) but still she found me interesting she said in a text message. Only thing: After I tried the key lock sequence on her she ALSO wrote that she's sorry to not have told me that she got a boyfriend and asked my what i was expecting of her. I wrote back that I couldn't replace her boyfriend of course and that I'm not looking for some serious stuff right now. We jad some smalltalk texting after that and I didnt write her back since. Now I want to start over the texting but am not sure how to hanfle the fact she has a BF... Someone has any idea? Is a D2 even possible in this case?

Thanks for your responses!
Cheers, Fly-By

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