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    Default Need help getting out of the fringes of the 'Friend Zone'

    Hi all,

    I'm so happy that I found this site; I've been divorced for almost a year now, and I've had very little play, (actually, just one sex partner since the divorce). My self-esteem is pretty low, I guess, which probably has something to do with the fact that my Ex left me for another guy... of course, she wasn't getting much attention from me... school, work and upkeep of the house had consumed me... so it's shitty but understandable.

    So here's my problem; I've been out of a few dates with this girl who I worked with for several years... she's attractive, with a great butt (a certain prerequisite for me), and I've done all of the AFC crap... the expensive dates, the patronizing 'listening' and the small gifts... I had just started to get a little play, (we kissed a few times and made out once), when she gave me a two day 'freeze out'. After a 'I really enjoy hanging out with you' text, things started to flounder. I have a distinct feeling that I just haven't been confidently aggressive enough, or didn't act quickly enough. After some reading, studying and planning, I'm starting to get back in, but I really am in need of some advice on how to get things moving faster... I'm afraid that things will become stagnant again. She's sending me clear signals - taking time to come to see me for no real reason, even driving to see me while I was visiting some family almost an hour away. Hell, she even pissed while I was in the master bedroom taking with her!

    While I'm honing my skills, I really could use some strategy tips to get her leaning in... thanks!


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    Default Re: Need help getting out of the fringes of the 'Friend Zone'

    Dont reveal all your cards to a girl...there's no need spend money and excessive time with a girl. What they need early on is an emotional connection which can easily be gained from great conversation over a casual meal. Then there is the expectation you will make a move and establish the relationship is going to be physical. On any date its worthwhile touching her in some way to signal that. Then once you have made out it should be a pretty quick hop skip and jump into bed. If you prolong that escalation out of nerves the girl will either see straight through to your fear or become insecure herself that you dont like her.

    In your current situation she is interested but you have to be more aggressive into becoming sexual partners and still maintain compatibility. She's been in your master bedroom? I would invite her around to your place for dinner and ask her to spend the night.

    Be 100% confident in yourself. Your past is your past and does not equal your future. Date many girls so you dont get Oneitis. Good luck

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