So i met this girl at the beach in the water. We were talking for a while and she told me to come into the beach so she could give me her number. I got her number and she told me to call or text her the next day as she lives on campus.

Next day:
Me: Guess you made it back okay with no distress calls

Her: haha yes
Her: but I went straight to my yoga class and I'm good at getting from there to campus
Her: Somewhat proud of myself

Me: Good now you're normal like everybody else. And I could tell you did some gym stuff by your bod

Her: Haha i played sports my entire life
Her: I'll take that as a compliment thank you
Her: And fuck you just because im not good at teh bus doesnt mean im normal

Me: Wow somebody gets hostile easy

Her: Im sassy
Her: And sarcastic

Me: Oh great a sassy girl

Her: Yup
Her: Gonna have to deal
Her: (smiley face with devil horns)

Me: Well i have bad news for you because I'm a teaser and you'll love it . My class got cancelled and now i have a loooong break.

Her: Oh a tease huh
Her: I didnt know guys were teases
Her: Who's the normal one now
Her: What you go to the beach just to hit on chicks and get #s regularly

Me: Wow you must be psychic how did you know?

Her: I'm good at reading people
Her: So don't try and fuck with me

Me: haha do i seriously come off as that?

Her: Oh yeahhhhhh
Her: No
Her: I'm sarcastic thats the last time im saying it
Her: Puss

Me: Because I can so tell over text

she didnt text back and two hours later i texted Busy girl

My question is what should i text her back and how long should i wait? Was planning on texting her tomorrow when i'm back on campus to see if we could meet up.

Also have you ever had a girl send multiple texts at once back to back?

Thanks for any help