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    Default Need Help I'm proving my game and appraches.


    My name is Joe and I'm a 25 year old guy. I realize that looks aren't everything, but for the sake of being thorough, I'm a fairly good looking guy. About 6'1 205lbs and 14% body fat and I work out and all that. I"m saying looks are everything, but I'm not in the same boat is something like Style (Neil Strauss). My looks have been pretty helpful with women...but the problem is that I have absolutely no game sand horrible approach anxiety. It's wicked bad!! When I was 17 i was diagnosed with social anxiety and generalized anxiety disorder. As you can imagine, this makes the approach anxiety about a lot worse than it probably should be. Granted, I realize it exist in all of us, but I fear that it's worse without me because of the medical conditions.

    I'm at a point in my life where I'm extremely frustrated and ready to meet women. I haven't had a serious relationship in 7 years and although I've hooked up a few times (Oral mostly) I'm still a 25 year old virgin. This HAS to change. Put very simply....I NEED to have sex. I need to experience that part of life. I believe it has the ability to be physical and psychological gratifying and therapeutic. Obviously I will use protection. Duh

    I've read several books about the community. The Game by Neil Strauss was the first followed by one of Mystery's books. I've also listened to video seminars with David Dangelo and Ross Jeffries. Maybe there guys are old news now, but I guess I we have to start somewhere. I"m very interested in joining the community and learning as much as possible. Anyway help would be fantastic.

    I also live in St. Louis Missouri so if there's anyone here, let me know.

    Thanks guys

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    Default Re: Need Help I'm proving my game and appraches.

    One thing I've done when I started getting into it, make yourself say hello to 3 new people every day as you go throughout your day

    Simple stuff, "hey good morning how are you?"

    It'll feel hard at first but will get you opening your mouth, and there's no actual rejection possibilit because you're just being a nice guy

    Use this as you go throughout your day

    When you're actually sarging to make approaches, this practice makes it 10x easier
    Never need praise, sympathy, or approval

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