Hey .. first a random comment .. something that has, "worked" for me and been quite fun too. One day when we were in an online video chat I said let's play a game. I said it's simple, I say a word, then you say a word, etc... as we make up the sentence. She said, "That's not a fun game!" I was like, "Just shutup and try it, hey?" Lol! So we did and now she's hooked! First thing she says is, "Let's play that game!" It's fun just because it's funny what we come up with. She'll say words and I'll bust her up, saying, "Wtf am I supposed to follow THAT with? How the heck does your mind work?" She laughs sometimes to the point of tears! Anyway, it has a tendency to go places .. if ya know what I mean. So it's fun but also has the side benefit of slipping past her natural defense to suggest/embed some interesting thoughts and ideas.

So, the question: I was thinking about this and thinking of a way to bring her through some emotional states .. again bypassing the logical brain and hitting her emotional buttons. Don't know if this is a technique or not, proven or unproven but, I just thought of it this morning. If it works, it would seem to serve several purposes. I'm gona call it the random story. Basically, tell her a story, completely believable by the way, and keep shifting the focus from one thing to the next while describing each in a way that she will be generating images (and emotions) of the experience. For example, talk about this dog playing in the park .. then the owner comes along and puts on the leash to walk her out .. on the way out of the park there's a woman talking on the phone very loudly, someone driving by hears her and starts muttering to herself about it .. tells one of her co-workers who then goes to have lunch, etc... But slip into the story certain specific emotions for her to experience and enjoy. At the end, she will probably look at me and say, "What was the point of that story?" To which I'll respond, "I have no idea" or something silly. The point is, it will take a number of turns and she will need to remain focused in order to keep up .. and it will drag her through several emotional states not unlike a Disney movie, which are famous for producing about a bazillion emotions in a short period of time. Again, not to overwhelm her but, to give her a nice ride - pun intended, maybe.

Thoughts? Thanks!