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    Default Going well but she got real snappy in a text. !

    Number closed a chick from my class. A casual coffee date ended up lasting three and a half hours. Got her talking about herself and she's pretty cool. Got heaps in common. Haven't texted her much other than to arrange dates. The next one is going to be wine in the city (I'm picking her up in the wagon ) she has been really eager in texts. However tonight in a brief text convo I made a joke which she didn't get. It got lost in text translation. She asked me to explain as she was confused. I didn't, instead I said "it's awesome when you don't get my humour ". I made this comment in reference to last time we were together, she has a type of humour that is hard to read, she appears serious but is really joking. So I thought she would get my text. Instead she replied "I'm sorry but it's impossible to convey humour through text, please notify me when your trying to be funny". I replied "that's true, ok I will".

    I know she's into me, IOI's have been apparent and she's keen for dates and even drops sex onto our convos. I'm wondering if this text convo is enough to make her run off. What should I do I'm a beginner PUA

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    Default Re: Going well but she got real snappy in a text. !

    Be careful not to confuse rapport & having lots in common as building attraction... so make sure you flirt, & don't skip that stage. (or you're likely to end up in the friend zone)

    But the best thing to do whenever a girl makes a comment in a text like that, is to just shift gears totally unannounced & move onto something else.

    Don't acknowledge her text at all, & she'll just figure it must not have been important.

    If she asks about it again, then just tell her you were having a random moment & it really had nothing to do with anything, & move on again.

    On another note, be sure to express humor as clearly as possible, so that she knows it's humor.
    It IS possible to do that, but it takes a little practice in order to properly phrase what you want to say. (Especially with character quantity limitations.)

    But overall I think you handled her response well!

    If you DO screw up & go too far, all you have to do is tell her, "Sorry about that; I got a bit carried away in the moment... so anyway, blah blah blah" *new topic

    Need one on one private coaching? PM me for details.

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