Theres this girl id been messaging over summer (i was away in europe). Long story short, we met not long ago for coffee. Nice night out, no k-close, but constant flirting back and forth. However, recently when I text or message her, I get short answers back and it really pisses me off. Nonetheless, when I ask her to come out she has never turned me down. During the summer, when we could message for hours, flirting back and forth, but 90% of the time it was me starting the convos... Here's the latest message "thread" we had:
me: (random inside humor) How've you been?
her: good; busy..... in class

after that, nothing. I know its a college but seriously? My question is, how do I turn this around (get her to invest more). After all the time I invested, I really expected more. At this point I feel like giving her a cold one word response (Right, Fuck it, Whatever, Sure), and then waiting it out... if she wants to she can respond if not im done. Im tired of being the one who initiates everything. If she expects that from a guy then she can timewarp her ass back to the 1950's. That said, whats the best thing to do now?