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    Default Am I slowly getting out of the friendzone?

    Hey there, just wanted ask in general and hear more opinions from other parties.

    So I slowly developed feelings for a friend of mine. So I met her 5 years ago in a different country and at first we were just knew each other through other friends. When I came back to America, we barely chatted or anything for the next 3 years. But 2 years ago, we began to casually chat or video chat once in a while. Then she told me one day that she will be coming to America for a while to get a job. Then after that, we began to chat a little more and eventually met up. At that time I had no intentions of going out with her besides she was in a relationship at that time. Slowly we hung out more and I slowly developed feelings for her.(ain't that kinda natural) I knew I was stuck in this "friendzone" she would say "dude", "bro" and etc also she said that I am one of the few close friends to her. So I decided to freeze her out a bit and cut off contact with her for a while (a month). I started just date other women, and hang out with friends and around that time she asked me why I have I been so cold lately? I just said I was busy sorry later on I decided to text her like once a week and she would text me like giant paragraphs of her life whenever I asked a simple question.

    But something went wrong, I threw a house party for my birthday and one of my drunk friends told her that I liked her. It kinda got awkward and later I just confessed that I do like her. Later on when she had to leave she sent me a text that I am worth it for her and I am more than any type of boyfriend but she doesnt want to lose me and it could be different in the future. After this awkward moment we still hung out but it was different. She would usually tell me that this guy was hot in the past. Furthermore she stopped saying bro and dude to me and started calling me by my name. As for texting, she would never text me but whenever I text her she responds and we go about 10~20 texts back and forth.

    Later on she was busy with her job and she cancelled on me about 3 times and later on I decided to freeze her out again. Now its been 2 months that we have seen each other and I rarely texted her for those 2 months ( less than 4 times I dare say). As a result, she started to comment and or like my statues on my fb whenever I uploaded something. Also suddenly she started using that fb poke. Also she sent me invitations to parties that she was going to. Recently I had to call her about something but then she starts talking about her life in general and how her boss is a bitch and she said "awww miss you, we should see each other sometime" and then I said how bout next week? So finally gonna meet her after 2 months.

    So yeah I would like to hear your guys input in my chase haha. Thanks for hearing me out.

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    Default Re: Am I slowly getting out of the friendzone?

    It's difficult since it was thrown out there that you like her

    You need to stay alpha, and you need to tease and disqualify her and ramp up kino from the get go, turn the tables so to speak
    Here on disqualifying
    Here on kino
    And here on alpha
    Never need praise, sympathy, or approval

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