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So, sex. There's plenty of info on how to get sexfriends around here, especially among direct game posts if you want to skip the whole dating thing.

Lol, sexfriends. That's funny. And it's true; that's why I primarily run direct or bombshell.

I know where you're coming from. My thoughts are similar, but they go in a cyclical pattern. Right now, that's where I'm at too. I've dropped most girls for the time being and I'm very happy having done so, much happier than if I would have kept them all.

I fly solo. Always have and probably always will. With my personality I gather more followers than friends and I quickly grow tired of most women after seeing them only a few times. That becomes a post-game trait--getting bored with women. They'll make you happy, but they won't give you happpiness.

If I had to guess, I'd guess two things:

1. You're young.
2. You're too smart for your own good.

It's a burden but it has its perks. There's a chance that you might also be like me in this respect, and most guys think I'm crazy for it, but I don't care about sex. I just don't. It's alright and all, but I don't go out of my way and there are many things I'd rather do. Since it's the only thing women hold over our heads as men, it leaves them powerless. When she is powerless it's not longer a power struggle. I win from the start, so The Game has just become...I win.

Occasionally I'll pick up a girl for sex, but most of the time I just qualify them until they drop out. All I really want is a friend. Girls are a dime a dozen. Friends are hard to find.

I sympathize, and that's all I've really got to say.
couldnt have said it better myself..this is exactly the spot im in...the anticipation of getting with a girl is there but once i get with her and go on a date and have sex, the novelty wears off so fast and i get bored, onto the next...problem is, the same thing happens so ive accepted im more of a loer type but would like to find an interesting girl to be friends with..i also dont care much about sex as much as that goes against this forums man policy lol..sex doesnt mean much at all to me so pursuing women is almost pointless to me unless like i say, im going for a 'friends' angle..i have found that very difficult to do with women though as they develop feelings easily etc etc..

im very similar to OP and i think what he means is he wishes he were like most guys, wanting to have sex every night with different women instead of working on his car alone in his garage..he feels he is missing out and i get that exact same feeling but once i do meet a woman and do the one night stand deal, i realize how underwhelming it is..i just dont understand why most guys seem to live for it...i think Op just would like to have a girl 'friend' on the side that didnt need too muc attention or didnt need to be taken on dates all the time etc etc...then again, these are very very hard to find especially if you are a loner and never go out to social places..lol..trust me, im in the same boat..im not sure there is a fix to this problem...

ive always despised the whole dating, going out to dinner routine as well..i find it terribly boring..