Guys, I'm sure you may have seen my other posts in regards to women flaking, specifically this one that I've been dealing with the last few days.

My topic for this thread is how to handle the situation where a girl totally flakes on you, but then texts you the next day (or a few days after).

This girl texts me all the time, seems really into me, but for the second time now.... flaked on our plans for last night. Didn't have extremely set plans, but not so much as a response from her to my text earlier in the day, and she CLEARLY knew that we were scheduled to hang out.

Today she texted me again, 3 times in a row, explaining that she is "so sorry she wound up having to work until 1am" and "12 hour day". Now I can be simpathetic to this, but what I'm not simpathetic towards is her not even contacting me to let me know. However I'm getting the impression she might have been afraid to text me, since she herself knew this was the second time cancelling again...

Gameplan for me today? To text her, to not text her, to wait till later, or wait till tomorrow, how to act, etc? Call me a sucker, but I would honestly like to see if she wants to go out with me tonight or tomorrow.... but I don't want to seem like a pushover and kill her attraction to me, or make her think its ok to continue this flaking..

Ideas appreciated!