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Redemption / teachable moment:

We have game for a reason, there is no quick fix, no one article, no magic technique that makes obscepete the art of understanding women and making our value known to them in an engaging and stimulating manner.
Women are complex and multifascetted creatures, and gaming them takes an equally complex and multifascetted process

"No element is greatest, no season is supreme; every element has it's strengths and it's flaws, each season usurps from the last and yeilds to the next..." -Sun Tzu

There will never be a magic quick answer to seducing women - only to understand and truly know them
Great post there.

I always say that, there isnt a universal method, but a universal understanding.

What works for one wont work exactly for the next. However the "direction" should be similar.

Once again refer to the quote in my signature:

"Such a high level of precise execution.....So much skill.......Involves so much learning.....You have to have......deep comprehensive intelligence....."