OK new to this so be gentle.
My Sons (8) Mother has lately been making odd comments and sexual gestures more frequently lately sometimes even when were civil enough to go do errands or shop together. Occasionally alcohol is involved but most of the time not. To paint a back picture we split some time ago because of her control freak mother (Puppetmaster) and up until 6 months ago I lost all interest in trying to get back together or even do the quickie thing. n example the other day in Salem Or. we were shopping at a store that was selling thos wrist devices that go back and fourth like you see on TV (Looks like shes jerking you off) I tell her Im gonna get this for xmas for her, she takes it out of my hand throws it back on the shelf and starts showing me visually how to do it, then to her mouth and before I could speak she was gone to the next isle...WTF? How can I open that back up? Thoughts Ideas?