Ive been gaming this girl for about eight weeks and could use some advice on handling a freeze out situation Im in right now.

So heres the situation: Ive been pretty average with my game cause Im still pretty new to learning about the game but I felt like I didnt kino escalate enough between weeks three and four to have built adequate sexual tension. Anyways, I tried asking this girl out during week five and she said "Yeah I'll let you know if Im free". I tried following up with a text after we talked and she never responded. So I text her again two days later to make it seem like I didnt care and waited until she mentioned it... but she never did. After a little more texting I decided to try and freeze her out after week 6 to see if it would help. She initiated texting a couple times and I just continued to not respond. Eventually, she texted me this past saturday if I was going to a party at the rugby house (Im the captain of our university's rugby team so she knew I would be there). When she saw me she ran up and hugged me and then got pissed and called me out on the fact I wasnt responding to any of her texts. I just said "sorry I was busy" as politely as I could and went back to the convo I was having with my teammates. She got really upset and said that she hadnt seen me in three weeks and that I was just ignoring her. I tried to neg and tell her "interrupting a conversation is very unlady like" she walked off to find her friends and I kept talking to my buddy like it was no big deal. So the night progresses and she kino escalates but I deliberately dont respond (this girl was wrapping herself around me). We talk for a few minutes until she sees a girl (lets call hb2) wearing a steelers jersey and gets really excited cause she's from pittsburgh. This girl comes and joins us and shes actually hotter than hb1. I game hb2 and get her interested and shut hb1 out of the conversation so she just ends up walking away. She hangs out with her roommates the rest of the night but takes the effort to find me and hugs me before she leaves while Im still talking to hb2.

So my question is did I handle the situation right and effectively freeze her out? I do like this girl a lot and I want to date her but I feel like I kind of came off as a d1ck to her. I understand that a lack of romantic interest and sexual tension will land me in the friend zone, so I could really appreciate any advice about how to proceed and more importantly how to re initiate after freezing out. sorry for the long post and thanks for helping