So I posted an earlier thread about being in the friend zone and what I have done since then were a lot of psychological principles such as the scarcity principle, self-fulling prophecy, etc. Now I think it is working because last weekend I went out to a club with a mutual friend of ours and I hooked up with one of her girlfriends, and my best friend stayed local with her friends and got drunk and said that she misses me.

Our mutual friend definitely told my best friend that I "stayed" over the girl I hooked up with house because they tell each other everything. I think this created some sort of jealousy and showed me being an alpha male. So this past saturday me, my best friend, and her guy and girl friend went out to celebrate halloween. Me and my best friend got wasted, due to alcohol and Molly, and at one point of the night she blurted out "not one of us here are hooking up." So i responded with "well me and Bruce (her guy friend) are going to hook up with random girls tonight" (which i did kiss a random girl at one drunken point). This again i think created some jealousy, competition, and me looking more like a man and not a wuss like I used to be. Next, she was saying that she was really cold and she took my hand and we held hands and I was trying to warm her up.

Then I went to the bar to get a drink and she followed me (she had 2 drinks in front of her). She came up to me and grabbed my arm, laid her head on my shoulder, rubbed my hands and my back. I didnt want to look like i was desperate so all i did was rub her hands a little. Also she saw me being very social to the bartender and random girls (forgot to say this). So in my head I saw this as either flirting or her being comfortable with me since I am her best friend but she escalated the kino more than she ever has because of me being more scarce I guess. But the weird thing later was that as we were in the club dancing (raging really), she said "umm you're like my best friend." This got me a lil mad but I showed no emotion and played it off like I didnt hear her.

Now I think that slowly I am digging myself out of the friend zone but something weird happened. She always initiates texts and we do talk a lot. Sunday and Monday we texted each other a lot about how fun saturday was, and monday when Hurricane Sandy came into NY she said that she felt like getting wasted and I said me too so she responded with "ughhh swim here". So again I think that what I am doing is working and she is finding me more attractive. But then yesterday and today she hadnt texted me and I was wondering what was up. I asked her yesterday if her and her family were okay because of the storm and she said yeah they went to her aunts house cuz they lost power. After that she didnt text me the rest of the day. Then today I messaged her a funny picture and she was dying laughing the most that she has ever been and she send me a funny pic back, but again we havent texted each other since then.

My weird question is, is she now trying the push/pull, scarcity method that I used on her on me now, trying to make me chase her because it doesnt make sense how she was texting me like crazy then all of the sudden she stopped initiating? What happens and what should I do if we are both trying to make us chase one another?