So I met this girl around a couple months ago, we didn't really talk much back then, but I decided to give her a shot , so I built comfort with her, a bit of kino, I even got her to do some small tasks for me, and she's been chasing me a bit.

And today I saw quite a few important IOI's she was giving me

1)She was preening
2)Good eye contact and she was frequently smiling
3)She was touching me

But then the following question came to my mind...

What Do You Do Next, How Do I Get Her In A Date?


My Plan:
1) I already have her chasing me a bit, So I will try to go into a bit of playing hard to get for tomorrow, let's say instead of hanging out with her tomorrow, I will tell her that, I'm busy because I'm hanging out with a couple of my other female friends.

2) I will also get her to run a few more tasks for me, to show more HDV.

Getting her into the first date is what I have trouble with!

3)I haven't ask for her number yet because I'm not really into the texting game, I can do it, but rather not.
And would it be better to ask her on a date in person and not over text?