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    Default coworker advice and confirmation of what im thinking i need to do

    hi im new to these forms so bare with me i have a coworker that does not get along to well with others but she always comes to talk to me, its to the point now were people just call her my wife, she touches me throws the ioi's but every time i try and get her to do something with me outside of work with me she gives the "i don't hang out with coworkers response" when i know for a FACT! that's total BS, i just don't know what im doing wrong it bugs the hell out of me because i can get every girl at my job to do stuff with me no problem but with her its like a wall. i was thinking that maybe i needed to

    1.make her jealous
    2.try to step up the kino on my Flirting her out on her BS next time i ask again

    but i don't know any advice or suggestions would be greatly appricated

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    Default Re: coworker advice and confirmation of what im thinking i need to do

    1. making her jealous will make things worse for you in your circumstance need to show interest back, only give kino to her as a reward for her dhv'ing to you
    3.every pua needs to work on their flirting no matter how good they are, it should be a lifelong practice of mastering flirting
    4.calling her out will only make her get deffensive, don't do it!

    she could be trying to manipulate you in some way as well, i don't know much about her, but she seems like the type

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