this happened a few months ago and well, i (being just out of a recent year relationship) still called the girl and tried to set up a date, long deleted from the phone, but being new, really interested to hear some advice on how to handle a situation like this. im going to be detailed

i live in colombia, and went to this bar where they promised me they woudl have nfl games opening weekend. went looking like crap on my sunday off in shorts, wearing my glasses, in a tshirt. i wasnt going to pick up any girls. anyway no nfl games so i said screw it ill drink some beers and eat and follow fantasy on my ipod (they had wifi). a girl at a close table commented on how much she liked my phone (which i told her it wasnt and showed her) then i said why dont you just join me, she responded you join us (she was with a friend). so i slid over and we were talking, i ended up buying them like two rounds. the one girl was really cute and i was flirting with her a lot. got her number, we talked about hanging out, she had me smelling her hair. after having my gf move and then break up and not having really made much of an effort to get back in the game, i was actually feeling pretty good about myself.

so after a while, the girl got up for a while to go to the bathroom and i went out to smoke and i noticed that she was off talking to some guys at the bar, whatever.

when i come back two more of her friends had arrived and these three other gringos from texas were at the table. so ok, numbers are even, but one of these guys had taken my spot next to the girl and is moving in buying 12 buck pina coladas. all these guys work at an oil refinery here (cliche right?) and well im just a poor english teacher. and teh dudes were real tools, i mean you think we would at least be able to have a conversation being as were all gringos from the southeast.

girl acted weird with me, like calling me attention from across the table a few times. i really was taken aback. i mean messed up for her ot accept the drinks from the other guy and messed up for this guy to do it. i had clearly invested a lot of time, not to mention i bought heinekens (god how i hate that overpriced beer). finally i said, f-it ive spend too much money already, im starting to get pretty buzzed, ive been here a lot longer than i intended im outta here.

think i made a mistake here where i called the girl as i was leaving ot confirm she had given me a real number (was really just sweating it now). told her id call.

called a few days later (wed i think) asked her out for lunch friday, she said call me friday morning to see if she can. texted her thursday night that i was gonna be busy til noon and i was going to a certain restaurant if she wanted to come. no response. funningly, i went (i love this place anyway) and the restaurant was closed, i got there a bit late, really kinda curious if she came. havent heard or contacted her since, which is really ok, she has a kid and really showed some not cool behavior.

but my question is, how do you handle that situation when some other guy swoops in like that? i tried to play it cool for a while, like talked to his boys (i had no problem with them) and cracked on him once (my spanish is much much better). but when i left it was at the point where i said screw it, this is lame all around, and clearly not going anywhere, nor am i gonna continue to play it cool if i keep drinking.

i know that was long, thoughts?