hey im new here and this is my first post, the thing i really need help with is confidence. i mean i could go up and chat to any girl on a night out when i have had a few drinks but i dont think i come across good! but at the moment im good friends with a girl a bit older than me and i think she is absaloutly gorgeous, out of my league to be honest but i have been with her before about a year ago. i have been text messaging her the last month or so and having a good laugh with her when i see her but she is only very recently out of a relationship ( im talking less than a week ) but she is the type of girl that if i wait too long there will be lots of other guys trying! about a week and a half ago she text me and told me her and her bf had broken up and she was having a few of her mates over to the house for a few beers, when i got there it was me her, another girl and another guy. we had a few beers watched a scary movie and was holding my hand, i tried the whole squeeze her hand and see if she squeezes back and she did. it was late and we ended up sleeping in the same bed ( nothing sexual ) just sleeping but we wer up for a while talking and she turned over and started stroking my stuble i really panicked and i felt my heart racing but i thought she wanted a kiss and i really dident want to miss out on the chance, so we wer kissing for a bit and then we stoped and went to sleep. two days later she text me and said her and her bf wer back together and she was sorry. obviously i was annoyed but i dident show her that. but again they broke up a few days later and for what seems for good now but i dont know how to make my move or if she thinks im being cheesy! a good sign was 2 days ago i was out and she text me and asked what i was upto and she asked who was there i said everyone including a girl who i used to see. she told m,e the next day that she was jealous and that she liked me and i panicked and dident know wat to say.. anybody please help me, i really really like this girl.