There .. I think that says it all. ) But really, I had a previous post about this girl that may or may not have friendzoned me. Whether or not she has, doesn't really concern me. I'm determined. Lol! Let's put it this way, when her, "head" speaks she says things like, we have an age difference, we're too far apart, etc. But there are other times when I'm talking to her .. when I have a story or surprise and she gets this, expectant look in her eyes .. like that's my cue to wow her somehow. Often, I fall flat but, I'm working on it! )

Anyway, this is an LDR of sorts .. it's tough because we spend 99% of our time on skype .. video and audio but still, nothing in person .. no eye contact, no touch, etc. So that is gonna affect my game .. have to alter some techniques to fit. What I think my, "focus" should be right now is getting into her head .. just get her thinking about me a lot (good stuff, of course!). Like, she said before how sometimes she doesn't sleep well .. so I told her, "Then don't think about me when you're in bed, about to go to sleep!" It was just a tease of course and she answered with, "Oh yeah, when it gets dark, I think of you!" with a laugh. But then, that's all we want anyway, right? Get the idea in her head any way we can. I repeated that thought a few times the same day, in different ways, trying to place an anchor there. Then there's the subtle pointing to myself when talking about things she does/experiences regularly, etc. The time we spend together is usually a lot of fun and I want to then be able to connect that to me (which I assume happens automatically) and then plant a, "me bomb" in her head that is constantly going off .. as that really is part of the seed of falling for someone, thinking about them a lot.

So, what else can I use? And remember, we're talking skype here so it's a bit tricky .. not like we can do some imagery and then touch her on the wrist or something. I want to somehow turn everyday things, places, experiences, etc. into triggers. I mean, to be honest .. that's kinda how she got in my head .. just little things that I connected with her, without even realizing it! For example, she can drink pretty good and so now, every night when I'm recording liquor revenue, I have that momentary thought of her. Lol! It's time to get her doing the same .. hey, fair is fair, right? Time to turn the tables and let HER do the chasing.

So, let's hear it experts! Anything you got, I'm ready! It's game on .. full bore! So far, all I've got are things like, getting her talking about things she's really into and as she describes them and puts herself in that place, I want to anchor myself to them (but how?). I'm also writing her a story, in letters and, gonna send one every day. That way there will be a subtle anticipation waiting for the next part of the story. Gonna get really descriptive with imagery and draw out some powerful emotions through the story. I think they're pretty good ideas to start but, I'm really new at all this and don't really know what the hell I'm doing. So again, any thoughts and ideas are very welcome.