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    Default How do I transition

    My problem is that I don't know how to transition after I do my indirect canned opener. How do I cut the thread and go into something totally diffrent with out it looking like I want to stay or me looking wierd and needy ???? Please help

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    Default Re: How do I transition

    Frame control

    In general you transition by taking something they've said (a hook) and expanding on that
    "oh you're a makeup artist? You must be able to see the beauty in everyone, bla bla bla"
    Girls drop hooks throughout a conversation, especially if your opener is good enough

    Plan B, don't worry about it, cut the conversation, tell them thanks for the input, I gotta to find my friends, by the way I'm Justin, (hold out your hand for them to introduce and shake your hand)
    Well I gotta get back to my friends I'll come talk to you a bit more later
    Then move on, continue being social, and return to these girls later. This requires that you continue opening others and build social proof. If you sit alone with your friends not talking to anyone, it's awkward later too, but if you're genuinely social you can reopen them later with anything you want, "so how are we doing tonight anyway?"
    You can reopen because the set is warm at that point

    Plan C - this Is something I've been doing a lot recently and plan to post more specifically on
    Throw your opener away. You need to stay Alpha not to be creepy here, but of you are confident you can pull it off
    "ok so I really just wanted to say hi, how are you girls doing today?"

    Plan D, canned transition
    This is basically multiple threading. Throw something like, by the way what are we celebrating tonight? You have several openers, throw out a new one, multiple threads, but less awkward and a more general question then

    Plan C is my personal favorite, it's just not novice stuff and it requires a strong confident frame. If you have that and can pull it off it works wonders
    You still get the ease of opening with your indirect opener, you come in as Mr social and avoid all their walls, then you show them (again being mr social) that you wanted to say hi and can continue the conversation from there. It's never failed for me when I've been the one to throw it away and move on. I've made many friends doing it and gotten many numbers. But I go into an interaction to talk and I have a strong frame that I'm a confident social guy. I'm alpha but not intimidating, more that I'm social and unaffected by their opinions. If you can pull that off you're golden
    Never need praise, sympathy, or approval

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