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Thread: Blown out, How often do the truely best puas get blown out?

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    Default Blown out, How often do the truely best puas get blown out?

    I am sure that this thread, will be a hot topic. I have been watching a lot of Tyler on RSD and he was talking about being blown out. He says that there are nights where he gets blown out all night and finally pulls at the very end. He equates this too, momentum. His momentum is greatest at the end of the night, where he has "warmed up" towards the end.

    I am hoping and wanting your insights, in how to deal with rejection, flakes and just not getting the results you want.

    Also, I hope that most of you don't think that you will or should score any woman at will.

    Mystery, seems to be able to do this. But does he actually do that?

    Thanks guys

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    Default Re: Blown out, How often do the truely best puas get blown out?

    I firmly believe that no PUA can get every woman. Even if his skills are tight. We aren't supernatural. These skills give us an edge, but never complete control. Trust me, it's not a cop out answer.

    However, I don't get blown out that much. Why? Because a good salesmen doesn't chase bad leads. I am naturally social and if I pick up a few cues from a woman then I decide whether to escalate. Things like eye contact and kino are things to watch out for so you aren't wasting your time with a bad lead.

    This is why expert PUA's can come across like they get all the women. Some of them actually believe it. In truth, they're just good at spotting good leads. Ex: Drunk party girls. Lol.
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    Default Re: Blown out, How often do the truely best puas get blown out?

    I don't think the concept of success is necessarily about flaking or rejection or closes, it's just about good game. Like if there's a set that isn't hooking at a bar, I'll keep re-opening them and doing take-aways, not because I want to hook them, but because it looks good for social proof and social-butterflying. Or like if I end up in the friend-zone with a chick, then she goes from being a target to being preselection when we go out or as a pawn or a jealousy plotline etc.

    Also, with an abundance mindset you don't feel the same urgency to try to close every time. It's kind of ironic, the more you are able to close the less you feel the need to.

    Doesn't really speak to frequencies of flakes and whatnot, but just my thoughts on the idea of "success" that just because someone doesn't fit into the game as a target doesn't mean they don't have a place in the game.
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