My fellow excited dogs!

I'm facing an dilema and need your help here it goes:

A few years ago I was dating this girl from my hometown, a kind of suburbian town. Than i mess around with a friend of that girl and we broke up. The girl's dad acuse me of taking advantage of her innocense, she was 18 and I older. Some fuss but besides the end of this relationship nothing happened. The this is I like 17-18 girls, those thight curves and know when i'm sarging (direct game) i'm not to productive, because i'm traumatized by that situation. I've been meeting girls in my hometown after that and i think i parcialy recover from that incident, the this is I can't fell free like on the big city or clubbing. I get stress that someone is looking at me doing pickups and it bums me out losing so much oportunities. I try to selfmotivated, not overthing, not stress but I'm sarging and finding excuses to leave and not pickup. I'm in my 30's but look like 23/25 and the age thing is a obstruction in my 18 age girls pick us because i think" you're 30 and are picking up 18 years girls, you should grow up...(etc)" The other thing is, i'm unemployed so my daily sarging has to me chose to home, because of cost saving, time saving need some good advices to really free myself to live hapier and do some great pickups!

cheers everyone!