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    Hey Fellas,

    As i continue to grow as a PUA. I was wondering what is the difference between chasing and leading a woman?

    Alot of men here has the concept of "You are the prize" "get her chasing you", "you lead"

    I'm like okay. But how do you get women to chase you in the first place?

    And if a man approaches a woman and tries to make conversation with her and make her laugh, being cocky and funny, creating that not essentially chasing?
    Its not like women are going to approach you in a bar you know.

    And who calls who first after number closing? I hear alot of men here say "send her a message first immediately after getting her number" that not also fundamentally chasing?

    When the word LEADing comes to my head...I am guessing a CEO. A CEO makes decisions, directs people to achieve a desired goal. But that means chasing after that goal...end goal...which is growth in business.

    But when it comes to women, I get a little confused as to the fine line between chasing and leading when men has to step up and initiate everything first.

    I have not reached that level of "PUA Zendom" yet.

    I am Sam the S-S-S-S-S-S-Stuttering PUA in ASIA.
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    With that CEO/goal metaphor; instead of thinking of it like you're leading her toward the goal of having fun, think of it as you're leading her to the goal of YOU because YOU are fun and YOU are the goal. The way she reaches that goal is by qualifying herself, accepting your frame, jumping though your hoops (even if the hoop is just "lets get drinks tonight") and passing your compliance tests. In this way you are guiding her to her goal: you. To get her chasing you just need to keep your "I'm the goal" frame as well as build enough attraction.
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