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    Default Love + Friend Zone + Competency Issue

    Hi, guys! Small intro: I'm new here, I'm from Hungary and a 26 year old male and I have a big problem right now. It might be a little long, sorry for that in advance. So there's this girl who I've known for 8 years and she recently (about a year ago) moved to the city I live right now. She was one of my friend's girlfriend and we hung out together in the past. They broke up before she moved to my city. Since then we have been meeting a lot, I mean, a lot, we meet almost every day and I fell in love with her. I have never told her this because my feelings towards her aren't bilateral. She told me this, to be more precise, she told me that I'm a very good friend of hers but that's about it, she don't want to hook up with me. Shortly, I'm friendzoned. Anyways, that's my prior problem. What should I do about that after 1 year of meeting up and hanging out as friends?

    Now, I have never had a girlfriend before and she knows that. I am not a virgin, though, I've slept with a few women before. The last of them was 4 years ago... yeah, it's a pretty long time. So I had this "great" idea: I visit a hooker to collect some self-confidence and bring my sexual skills up to speed and then I'll try to escalate with the aid of my fresh experience. So I did. I went to this girl (she was very gorgeus and pretty) and that's when the sh*t happened. I had these competency issues, I couldn't focus on that girl, there were times (a few minutes) when I could in the beginning of the act, but in the middle and in the end my penis just gave up working dispite the trying of the girl. Needless to say, I left the place shamefully and I have been feeling the same since then. I have been very stressful in the last few months (mostly because my crush and my work) and I was stressed when I went to the hooker, too. What was the problem? Did I spend too much time without sex? Or my mind is so focused on this girl that I can't even concentrate it onto an other emotionally and phisically? I am very frigtened right now, and I don't know what to do. How should I escalate after this? Pls, guys, give me some advice. Thank you!

    Ps. sorry for my eng.

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    Default Re: Love + Friend Zone + Competency Issue

    I have no idea on the hooker thing, I think you're afraid of women now, nervous

    You need to interact with them more

    Go out and start to talk to them. But first read "the game"

    Then read this about you friend
    Never need praise, sympathy, or approval

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