So posted about this yesterday but the situation has changed. Basically was seeing this girl, sex and a few dates which were fun, a lot of fun actually.

So she broke up with me yesterday which although was a bit of an ego slap was ok because I actually gaming a girl I am more interested in at the moment AND I was never really in it with her for a relationship - just fun. We agreed to meet at the pub on Friday to have a chat - basically because I kind of wanted to know why - I am an inquisitive farker at the best of times and a nosy bastard at the worst.

However this morning she sent me a text saying she didnt want to meet at the pub as she thought that it wouldnt solve anything and then DUM DUM DUUUUUM she told me she was with a guy who makes her really happy - which was a massive slap in the face.

Right so a) I know I shouldnt be annoyed or surprised by this as i was never planning on staying with her and I was gaming other girls behind her back but I am. I guess I want to know how long she was seeing said guy for (probably sometime in the two weeks we didn't see each other - holiday - before today).
b) More importantly than that I would actually like to have her as a friend, she is pretty cool and was fun to be around, but not really sure how to get this to happen.

Oh and stupidly (I know I shouldnt have) I reactted to her text about being with another guy - nothing massive but I let her text push my buttons (text was: Wow, I didnt really expect that. Not going to lie but I get the feeling you used me here?)