Long story short 3 years ago me and my ex broke up and since then I’ve not been with anyone else. I come from a small town where everyone’s pretty much the same and the girl I was going with was Latin American, my ideal “type” a HB8 we dated and lived together for 3 years. So as you can imagine I was on top of the world and really did grow to love this girl, until I found out she cheated on me and everything went downhill from there.

Since then I’ve only been on one date (not much to talk about there) and have lost a lot of confidence in myself as I can’t even pull a HB5, sad I know.

I’ve tried Dating sites, bars and night clubs, I even took up some extra class and now I feel like I’m at the point where I’m ready to give up altogether. I really can’t understand what it is I’m doing wrong; my understanding of body language and game has improved a lot but I still feel like something’s holding me back. Is this normal? Has it happened to you? And if so how did you overcome it? Any advice right now would be very much appreciated.