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Should you comply, real question is do you want to hang out? Me if a girl was doing this to me, I'd do it back twice as sleek and twice as hard, if she said to me " want to hang out" I'd say " I'm kind of seeing some one" then send another one later saying " but it should be alright, I'll see you at this (place) at this (time)." That's 1. Creating a triangle, 2. Playing her at her own game, 3. Reclaiming your alpha male. If she says " she can't make it" say " too bad, I'll see you sometime in the near future" giving her an indefinite answer of when she going to see you will make her confused, mix that with the triangle and you have emotions. Let the seed grow for abit. You should be able to make her your official girl friend. Report back brother
Holy fucking shit !! You are the man !! Mad respect to you. I'm gonna follow this advice for sure.

I am now a better PUA thanks to this experience, and understand attraction a bit more. Thanks again bro.