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    Default how would working with a female wingman benefit my game?

    Hi there.

    I am fortunate enough to have 3 gorgeous females frends. Very good frends at that. I've know all 3 for about 10 years, I know their families personally, I know everythng bout their past and they know everythng about me.

    Now.. How could one go about incorporating female wings into their game? And how would it work? Any examples?

    They are beautiful women who have guys falling all over themselves. But they can never pin point wat attracts them to certain guys so I lose out on that front but I figured they wouldn't make bad wingmen if only I knew how to capatalise!

    Any advice or examples from personal experience?

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    Default Re: how would working with a female wingman benefit my game?

    This is not really easy to do well, unless your game is already really good, so I'm just going to bring up a few random pieces of input

    If she doesn't know game, she's a pivot, not a wing. You still need to be MR social, and she's your friend. Opening works pretty similar

    If she does know game, then she is a wing, they can help much better

    I have one female wing I've recently began working with, everyone else I've gone out with have been pivots and to be honest they never helped a lot, a good wingman was better

    For a female wing, go out and open sets together, same openers or whatever you would use normally

    For a pivot, you're better off bringing a solid wingman, and the 3 girls with you, use them as a social base while you and your friend open random sets. They give you social proof being around and accepted by them, then merge sets when you find a girl you like
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