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    Default How much in control should you be?

    This question has always plagued my mind because I don't know how much control I should be with a woman. Tariq Nasheed, David Deagenlo, and other Macks/Pua/Dating Guru's say that you should always be in control when you're with a woman deciding everything. And I learned from experience too that you should never depend on a woman becase when I wasn't in control she lost respect and avoided me.

    Basically because of all that there this Asian girl who likes me, she asks to hangout with me but when I choose a seat sometimes she chills with me and friends some times she chills with other guys.

    Should I sit with her and her friends or should I drop that girl? Am I trying to be too in control?

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    Default Re: How much in control should you be?

    There's a difference between being in control and always making decisions. As an alpha male you're ok letting others make decisions, because you're the one who is ultimately in control. Think of the president. He doesn't make every single decision that happens with the government, but he does have control over things. Basically you're the final say on what happens.

    As for your situation, when you take a seat and you want your girl to sit by you let her know, motion her over with either your eyes or your hands. Or lead her into the seat. That's how you're going to demonstrate control.
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