Hey there,

I am 20, and am gaming a 21 year old HB8 that goes to my university. We are both looking for a LTR, though she is known to be very selective when it comes to guys.

We've known each other for a while, but just recently started to hang out (by accident through friend events). Since then, we meet once every 2 days or so through events or at school. In the past few meetings, she has shown some indicators of interest:

- general body language
- laughing at my jokes excessively
- on ride home with some friends, she sat in the back seat with me and put her head on my shoulders
- she took my cigarettes to 'help me quit' (I think it's her way to make sure we meet the next day so she could return them)
- mentioning a few times how we should hang out again (though it's ambiguous if it's along with other friends)

The problem is, I have no idea how to move forward with her. I know I will be able to see her in person every 2-3 days at school. I asked her to a D2 to a party that I was throwing, but she says she already had plans (which I later found to be true).

I'm good at showing high value and getting girls interested in me, but am very bad at building intimate comfort. I'm just not sure what I need to do next, and how soon I should do it. Have you been in a similar situation? How would you handle this situation, and what do you think my next steps should be?