Ok, I'm new here. My confidence is like a yo yo.

My opening to girls works well, but i fail after i break the ice (she's a HB8). Here's how i'm doing:

Maddis 01:00 AM
seriously your inbox must get hounded, well i'm going to ask a series of questions. keeps it simple and different to every other guy on here

Donna 01:00 AM
Haha go on...

Maddis 01:00 AM
custard + jam donut or rhubarb and cream?

Donna 01:00 AM

Donna 01:00 AM
Ermmm i dont know

Maddis 01:01 AM
i'll make the choice easier then lol. jammy dodgers or custard creams

Donna 01:01 AM
Jammy dodgers

Maddis 01:02 AM
coco pops or weatabix?

Donna 01:02 AM
Cocoo pops

Maddis 01:03 AM
jager bombs or malibu?

Donna 01:04 AM
Jagar bombssss

Maddis 01:04 AM
1 more then i'm done

Maddis 01:04 AM
showers or baths?

Donna 01:04 AM

Maddis 01:05 AM
you cant have both

Maddis 01:05 AM
its either or! haha

Donna 01:05 AM
I cannnnn when am in a rush shower on a night bath

Maddis 01:05 AM

Maddis 01:06 AM

Donna 01:06 AM

Maddis 01:06 AM
thats your score on compatability

Donna 01:08 AM

Maddis 01:13 AM
sorry i was just sorting something out (i stalled at this point, so i said i was away)

Maddis 01:17 AM
What is your real opinion about online dating?

Donna 01:17 AM
Its shit!

Maddis 01:18 AM
the guys are shit/ boring or you haven't had any successful dates off it yet?

Donna 01:19 AM
Only just got it

Maddis 01:19 AM
i was chatting with a friend. shes just signed up to badoo too last week and she was saying how she always gets people asking her for nude pics and stuff.

Maddis 01:19 AM
some guys are absolute tools and dont know how to have a proper conversation with a girl

Thats where i got up to and the conversation just fizzled out. This is one of many examples of where i get to after the ice breaker, then it just tends to fizzle out.

Any suggestions. She seems to be responsive to direct questions

Thanks in advance, Maddis