so i've been Texting this girl i've met at the past few parties, saturday night i was able to visit her, we went to dinner w her friends, and then we sat in the car for five hours and MADE OUT. it didn't take her long to be in bra and boyshorts. i kissed up and down her thighs, i kissed up and down her neck, i wouldn't give her the d though. i want to date her, not just **** on the First Date and be tired before anything starts. she came on to me, and later in the night, apologized for being a "slut". i told her i don't associate with sluts, so that couldn't be the case. she proceeded to fall asleep in my arms, where i held her, keeping her warm. this feels like the scene out of a chick flik.... i did not text her the morning after... and we've had a type of communication breakdown. this was without a doubt the most passionate non-sex moment of my young life. i REALLY like this girl and i don't want her to slip away. how do I re-establish contact? or rather when?