Ok guys so here's my hot ex girlfriend.

we dated for about 2 months, broke up after halloween and hadn't talked to eachother in 2 weeks straight.

She's a hot girl and i'm not a chump so I didn't text her until she texted me. Now, idk if I'm looking to get back with her or keep on being single but tonight she texted me asking to come over tomorrow morning to help her move some stuff around like her bed, couch, blah blah.

Here's where I need your help PUA's.

Should I go or should I blow her off??

Honestly, I do like having her around and if means blowing her off so I don't seem so damn availible then I'll do it. But i'm curious if it is better to just go with it, go over (possibly) have sex and then be on my merry way.

Either way (Hopefully) this ends in me getting laid.

Comments and Advice much appreciated