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    Default Swedish HB8 travelling/living in my city - How do I recover?

    Let me preface this by saying I'm new to this forum so forgive my ignorance or any rules that I break.

    Now to the situation. I met this Swedish girl out a few weeks back in my home city, she was travelling with a bunch of friends, set to stay in my town for around two or three months. The night I met her I was very drunk so I definitely messed a few things up. Anyway there was some pretty strong physical attraction that night - we were talking and kissing and in my drunken state I asked her- with confidence to come home with me. It was obvious she wanted to but she was reluctant to do as such on her very first meeting with me with her being in a new city and all. After that we texted for a little bit but it was really hard to use any sort of game seeing as there was a very challenging language barrier. Often she would write back enthusiastically to my messages, other times she would just not reply - I put this down to her playing her own game + perceiving me to be exclusively focused on only sex.

    Anyway I met her a couple of times by chance just out at night and we would always hook up and most times - because I met her by chance - I was off my head and would ask her to come home with me again which she rightfully declined haha. Anyway, I took her out for drinks one night to show her that I can be civil and not get ridiculously drunk and ask her to come home with me. The night went well and we very loosely organised for me to take her and her friends out the following weekend to play host to my city. When that evening came I texted her to see if we were still on, she never replied. Texted her once more and still no reply. I suspect she was reluctant to meet me because she felt pressured that I would ask her home (even though i always did so in good and fun nature)

    Anyway, i completely left things and about a week later (right now) i just got a text from her asking me if i know table prices at a big club in my city. I dont know if she actually wants to know or is just using it as an excuse to contact me. Either way I'm unsure how to respond in way that can redeem my image. I'm thinking maybe write back with pretty much just the information she wants and nothing else... and see if she initiates more from there.... but I dno, anyone help/??? Thanks

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    Default Re: Swedish HB8 travelling/living in my city - How do I recover?

    First of all, stop asking her to come home with you. Regardless of whether your joking or not, it isn't working. You've effectively set am emotional anchor without intending too. She has linked you asking that to fear, I can almost guarantee that she will never come home with you if you keep doing that.

    Secondly. Unless you don't speak very fluent English, the language barrier shouldn't be much of an obstacle considering most people in Sweden don't even speak Swedish anymore, they speak English, although it sounds very different. Pretty upset when I figured that out after spending 200 dollars on learning it. Nonetheless, if it is an issue, talk to her almost like you would talk to a kid learning to talk. Don't be mean about it either. A neg every once in a while is fine as long as its coupled with an IOI.

    As far as what to do with her question, answer it and if she initiates conversation go ahead and participate but show less interest, space your replies and don't bug her constantly.

    If she does ask you to join her at the club say " I could probably drop by after I'm done with (whatever else it is you have going on.)" don't make yourself too available over the next couple weeks, and show you have a life outside of being with her.

    When you are there I would stick with kino escalation, if you need help with that talk to suave kino, he's a pro with it. One thing I can say about it is with her you don't want to rush the escalation, just cuz you can kiss her doesn't mean you should. If you rush straight in for the kiss, thats as far as its going to go id say after having seen how she already feels she's being rushed. Pace yourself.

    Your going to want to push pull her a lot I would say because you want her trying to get you in bed rather than the other way around since her asd is getting the better of her

    That will teach you how to keep disqualifying her to get her trying to win you over.
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