Hey guys,
I was at a house party the other day - more or less the same old faces , people I study with , not anything too wild.
A girl walks in and I notice her Immediately - she is not from around - and she is a stunner.
She is accompanied by two guys (turns out they are cousins or something). Anyways - no anxiety at all because its a house party but I immediately go over and introduce myself confidently to the group. I do pretty well at this stage and at some point I am controlling a conversation with all 3. I am left lone with the girl and I manage to make her laugh alot - she is in a good party mood vibe and everything is going well.
Turns out she is Spanish - Bingo! I have family there and I speak the language - more rapport built and I even do some Kino, jokes in spanish etc... I fell in control.
She even gives me her number and facebook details...
But just as soon as I think if it is worth trying to escalate further on this single night the following happens:
One of the guys from before just walks over and plugs his Ipod into the sound system -> he puts on a song with latin rythm and within the blink of an eye literally just very confidently takes the girls hand and accompanies her to the center of the 'dance floor' . It is a small house so everyone sees them and they are the center of attention.
He proceeds to stun her, me and everyone around with his literally amazing dance moves (turns out the guy is from Colombia but living in the states so I guess thats why he is a crazy dancer), she just follows lead in his arms and is having the time of her life. this goes on for at least 20 minutes...
I am not much of a dancer so I literally can't compete... After that it is game over for me ... the girl is all over him ... he makes her dance in more and more sexual manner and feeling so shocked at what happened in the blink of an eye I kind of give it up... by the time they are finished they are exhausted and have a sit back on the couch and she is all over him while he leans back comfortably. soon they leave the party together.
I felt like there was nothing I could do... I mean I usually quite easily chat with girls , make witty remark etc... but I could not think of coming back over to speak to her / them without looking like an ass in front of everybody (which means a good amount of people from my social circle)
Now -
Was there anything that I could have done?
In hindsight although he accompanied her in the beggining , I learned that they had just recently met , and this was the first night he was taking a real shot at her ... i.e. they did not have sex before.
But still - is spanish machismo / crazy dancing skills just the ultimate PUA move which really needs no explanation?

what are your thoughts?

just to clarify - this was crazy crazy dancing - some of the best I have seen in the last years.
Also - it seems such an alpha thing to do because dancing with a girl , if you look bad the girl never takes the blame - she just follows lead, and so it is a show of confidence from a guy that he is kind of responsible both for the guy and for the girl.
Also, of all the cool girls I knew almost none would refuse to dance with a guy who could lead them - even the very shy.

any help??