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    Default John Travolta jr. ruins my relationship, HELP

    Here's my story. I've been hitting off with this girl, very cute, blonde hair.... blah blah blah. Let's call this girl "A". Made out 3 times only, she seems very interesting, and she also seems to be very interested in me. Things has been going nice and flirty until BAM! Suddenly a wild text from one of my best friends. Somehow this teenage sneak has gotten his hand on some text ongoing between "A" and one of her girl friends, talkin about the school hottie Mr. John Travolta jr. You would understand why I called him that if you saw him. He's the kind of guy with the looks of John Travolta in "Grease". This is a dude that hangs out with all the girls and now, with my luck, he has chosen to go after "A".
    Now back to the text: "blah blah blah" - "blah blah blah" - "blah blah blah" - "blah blah blah" - then A writes this : "Yeah I think he's HOT"
    At this moment when I read this my heart drops.
    Then I get another text from the sneaky friend: "Relax, "A" is still yours, this went down in August"
    I was so reliefed because in August I hadn't even made my move yet.
    Then this sneaky guy sends me ANOTHER text from the same conversation. This one long after we started flirting but before Travolta started to chase her
    Here goes: "blah blah blah admit it "A" U like him" - "I don't, like all seriousness, he's cute but not the kind of guy that would settle for one girl, especially like me, and i'm cool with him being mah bud." (Talkin about Travolata jr.)

    Now I'm feeling shitty knowing that "A" thinks he's hot, and now he starts to chase her. However she still flirts with me like nuttin happened, (I don't know if anything has happened) but I'm scared shitless because I have really strong feelings for "A".

    So here I come, using mah precious sleeping time on writing this thread in hope some kick ass PUA can make me feel better, and provide me with a handful of tips.

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    Default Re: John Travolta jr. ruins my relationship, HELP

    Alpha Alpha Alpha.....
    No, that's not a college fraternity; that's the mindset you need to adapt.

    Be bold & confident..... and flirt with her!
    Tease & banter with her. Curiosity is the foundation of attraction.

    Make her laugh & don't be fazed by Travolta, OR her reaction to him. Build your social circle & social proof/value.

    Give off a vibe that expresses fun & excitement.
    FUN is the ultimate attraction switch.

    Do that & you're golden!

    Need one on one private coaching? PM me for details.

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