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Thread: dinner date - analysis needed

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    Default dinner date - analysis needed

    Brief intro -

    I met this girl through a friend of mine who was interested in her. She did not want a serious relation as she is visiting for few months. My friend wussed out and introduced her to me. We both saw each other few times in some social settings and she mentioned that she like to keep things casual. So I invited her over to my place for dinner last night.

    I made dinner, poured her a glass of wine and played nice music. I made good kino during dinner and she was kino-ing back by putting her hands on my back, touching my arms. She was a little tipsy and we started to dance (salsa, tango) after eating. I was making nice eye contact, smiling, gently touching on her waist, back and neck. Not on b**bs tho. When I went for kiss, she basically gave a cheeks. Pushed her away a little, then danced again with same kino mentioned before and showed me cheeks again when i went for the kiss.

    she knew i was interested in banging her but she kept smiling and did not take my hands away from her waist or leave my place. I gave it 30 more mins with no action and repeated to see the same happen again. She finally gave a tight hug and left my place.

    1. was there something i messed up / should have done
    2. is she worried i would tell other people (since we have many common friends)
    3. is she treating me just as a friend?
    4. plan of action at this point that can potentially lead to getting into her panties

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    Default Re: dinner date - analysis needed

    You should have built up more sexual tension. Bring your face right up to hers, tease her, make her think you're going to kiss her but don't

    You're facing the age old problem, you're the pursuer and she's the prey. That makes her put her walls up, that's what game is fundamentally revolved around, making her want you and her pursue you

    You shouldn't have tried again right away after the first kiss, or if you did and she rejected I would stop her, look her in the eyes and say "kiss me"

    But really, building more sexual tension woulda solved the problem
    Never need praise, sympathy, or approval

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    Default Re: dinner date - analysis needed

    Im not telling ou to do this but a cheeky little trick i sometimes do is this....

    Turn The Other Cheek

    Point to your cheek and gesture for a kiss...
    If she goes to kiss you its a IOI...
    I then turn my face as shes about to kiss my cheek so she hits my lips instead...

    Then laugh and say im glad we got the kiss over with now we can relax and enjoy ourself... why do people always have the kiss at the end of a date lol....

    Just a funny thing to try...

    Not for everybody but I would do it but then again im a cheeky Chappy ^_^
    "If you want it.. It'll cost you"

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