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Thread: First date with German girl

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    Talking First date with German girl


    Need a quick game plan for tomorrow .. meet a German girl online which i quickly moved to Facebook and texting, shes super keen and ive played some strong text game thanks to this forum! Now shes asked me out and has even sorted my train timings haha

    My question is how to play the first date. We are meeting late afternoon so thinking lunch or coffee and move it to two dates in one day - moving onto dinner or drinks?? Any advice on how to play this one. It will be my first bilingual hook up after arriving in Germany two weeks ago so 'virgin territory'so to speak! Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: First date with German girl

    I'm going to throw lots of info at you now choose what you want from it lol...

    Learn a little german...

    If you take an interest in this girls culture it'll go a long way plus DHV that you can speak a foreign language....

    you may be able to speak some already if not some basics are...

    hallo - hello

    Wie Gehts? - How are you

    Gut - good

    Danke - thanks

    Bitte Shen - your welcome

    something to get you started...

    Make sure you have a few interesting stories set up... About a holiday you had once and what you did who you met a nice restaurant you found there...

    Learn a few games to play... I like the Five Question game read my post and the other posts on that thread for help...

    Another good Game is The Cube... and Styles EV which is a version of The October Man

    these are all good games to play to make a deeper connection...

    Films not movies

    Think of a few films you've seen recently and tell her about them...

    describe the plot to her and if she hasn't seen it invite her to watch it with you sometime or borrow it off of you...

    If she has seen it discuss it lol what was good what was bad ect...

    there is loads to talk about... but make sure you stack nicely try and lead one into the next and try and draw her out so your not doing all the talking...

    Can you teach me some German? How do you say "Can I Kiss You?"

    HEHE give it all a go bro

    Keep us posted may the force be with you...

    Chappy ^_^
    "If you want it.. It'll cost you"

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