Hey everyone, I got a couple quick questions. Two or three weeks ago my girl split with me. We had only talked for 4 months and dated for 2 and were living together, dumb I know. We lived together only 2 weeks before we split.
Well, when we split and I moved without telling her. She text me that night talking about how horny she was and that she was going to bang me that night but I had left. (head games) well the following night I had went to her house to talk as she had said. Well she pulled in we said maybe three words to each other and its a pretty far drive so I decided to stay with her. She makes me sleep on the effin couch!? So I tell her. "you want to talk about banging me but yet I have to crash on your couch that's messed up" she fires back through a text the next mornings saying "it's obvious you can't handle anything we could ever be so on the 22nd I'm opting out of all of this. Friends and all". The reason she said the 22nd is because that's when my rent was up even though I had already moved out. (Upon our split we said we're better friends) I say you know that's dumb, but I know your mind won't change so that's fine. We fired back and fourth with a few texts arguing our points and sides on the matter. She says I bring to much grief to the table. I say she causes the grief at times. No matter.
Now that you all have a short hand run down. The questions come in. I have basically ignored her for the last 8 days. Then out of no where at 9 last night I get a message that says "I'm fine with being friends if that is what you want" I waited about an hour and a half and wrote back "yeah, that sounds alright with me".
My friends wife says after a woman has been with a guy in a relationship and sexually that they never want to be "just friends" at that point. She says that's her way of trying to subtly move back into my life without just flat out saying "i messed up and miss you". I do like this girl and miss her myself. I'm also not stupid and I'm not going to waist my time trying hard for her though. So what do y'all think? I believe it's possible to be friends after a relationship. But I'm just curious if that's what she is actually geared towards, is a friendship with me. Or is she trying to rekindle something we had? I just wanted some opinions on this. Thanks everyone.