I can say I am in a good shape when it comes to game and to number closing. it is like an auto pilot when I game and most of the cases over 90% manage to get the number of the target and of the entire group. Numbers are proven to be reals not fakes ones. It has turned to be like a peace of cake getting the number.

However my big problem is when I try to get in day2 by calling or texting. I get flakes all the time! I do not know what is the problem but that's what is happening. I am sure the game is good because I get IOS, do kinos , passing sh1t tests easily all the time.. I do what a good game is supposed to be by definition. Nonetheless when it comes to
call or text I am getting stressed , thinking of it a lot and... boom ..it is a flake again. I mean can't convert a number to a meeting which is what is supposed to be the case. I have even written down when I call a brief plan of 2-3 stories and possible paths of the conversation including some negs and teasing if needed according to the singular case but still....it is a flake again..At the begging I was calling all the time.. Lately have I included also the text game but still getting nothing .I can give many examples but I am sure you got the picture. I get stressed and appear needy. I know most of you will say to relax and I known that is what I have to do but the problem is big now and need so handle it seriously.

I would much appreciate any advice to overcome this