Hey guys

By the past, I could feel I had some difficulties focusing on a single girl to make it work.

Now it feels much better, I try to lock on her until it's broken and move to the next.

The problem is the following... recently - and this happened to me twice - I had a wonderful connection with a mexican girl in Spain, until she told me:

.Hey, you stay here right ?

you don't move ?

.me : Yeah.. i'm right here; i won't move (at our table)

.Alright... I'm just going to the toilets and I come back. please wait for me.

.Me : Sure! I'll be waiting (like a dumbass)

Then the bitch doesn't come back.

This happened to me by the past, but I knew the risks were high. In this current case, as you can see by the way she speaked, it was nearly impossible to know she was gone for good.

By waiting there, I didn't want her to feel like i was hitting on other chicks... so I waited passively. In the end I got NOTHING.

When do you think feel like it's enough of waiting, and move to another set? Would you risk it ? I think I waited like 45 minutes LOL

How would you avoid such a situation, when she's about to dissapear for a while ? By grabbing one of her items ?