Okay so I've been talking to this girl for around 2 weeks now. She is really into me. She always says how good she feels around me (only hungout once though) and all this other nice stuff about me.

Anyway we were supposed to hangout today. It was our only off days this week besides Thanksgiving. I waited around all day to see her. And the plans were for around 3-4 pm we were gonna meet up. Well she never texted me or called. She texted me 40 minutes ago saying "What ru doing babe". I know she didnt forget because we texted last night around 3am talking about our plans and what not. I texted her today at 1 saying "wake up". She replies a half hour later saying "I'm up". I say "good". Maybe I should have said something about the plans? Although I have a hard time believing this hangout didnt happen because I failed to mention it.

Do I take hours to reply like she did? Or should I disregard and text tomorrow saying something like "I thought we had plans". How should I handle this? I dont wanna appear needy but I want her to know Im pissed.

EDIT she just texted saying "Ru mad at me"