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    Cool My Girl on Girl Slow Seduction With A Female PUA. Advice, comments?

    So yes, I am a new hot female pua. I am a hb8, I am feminine and I fark girls.

    Background: This girl is a firecracker and a half. For the sake of the story, I will call her Jade. Jade is a hb9 and also a very skilled alpha female musician. I am also a firecracker and a half. For the sake of the story, I'm not tellin you my name. I am a peacock of a female musician also. We are both hot sexy bitches.

    Late one night my wings were out at a bar while I was sleeping. I get a call from them at 2 in the morning and this Jade girl is in the background on the stage sounding and singing sexy as fark. I was like who the hell is that? So I had my friends spell out her name, I look her up on Facebook, send her a message, friend her, she invites me out to a show, and I don't

    think anything of it for awhile.

    A few days later, in the natural course of events, me and my friends are at that same bar at one of her shows. I was farkin plastered too. It was almost closing time. I was drunk, needed to go home, and tried to open her. She wasn't havin it lol, but she wasn't a bitch about it at all. I knew nothing of pua at the time. I let it go and walked off.

    A couple months later, my friends are sitting at a table with her after the bar and hand the phone to her. They call me in the middle of the night. She asked me questions like who my friends were and what I was doing. I think I was a little deliberately boring. Then she hands the phone back to my friends whooo forget to end the call. So I am sitting there listening to their conversation and get a ton of inside info on this chick. At that point I realize I like her.

    During the next couple of months I got this hot mysterious musician chick in my phone, posting subtly hot fully clothed pictures, and fun status updates. At this point I am becoming slowly infatuated with her and not even realizing it.

    A couple months go by, were at the same bar, at an event we were both part of. At this time, I wasn't even aware of the fact that I had been developing a massive crush on this chick, but I was starting to experiment with pua.

    I sat with a group of hb9s who approached me.One girl was basically standing in between my legs sharing her drink with me while Jade was in the vicinity with her friends.

    Jade gets up on stage, and instead of paying attention to her, I completely ignore her. This in turn worked like a charm because next thing I know she jumps off the stage, onto the bar and starts standing over me, dancing over my drink with out spilling it while she sings. This turned me on alot, but I still didn't even realize it yet.

    Summer rolls around. We have small talk on Facebook. She is single. I start to notice random comments she makes on her friends walls that implys she has switched teams or at least is completely cool with the idea of making out with other women.

    Days go on, the pictures she posts get sexier and sexier...but in a funny way. This isn't the girl who posts slutty pics of herself. No she posts funny, sexually charged pictures of herself in ways that are classy but she is well aware of how hot they are. She plants hidden sexual overtones that are totally spelled innocent. I get the feeling she gets some type of hidden joy on teasing her Facebook by some of the sh1t she says. I am not even gonna repost some of it here cause I am damn sure of the fact she is a pua and might actually read this. More on that later.

    Several open invite posts to hang out in her status updates. At this point, I am totally excited, attracted, and want to hang out with her, but I have been out of town for the past few months. This chick has been inadvertabtly seducing me thru Facebook like every other day, and it is exciting because I don't even know that the posts were in any way about me. They prolly werent even at first. This is the kind of chick that gets off of the attention, but shes not slutty about it.

    I have been casually noticing her social interactions over the past few months and come to realize that this Jade girl is a pua, and I highly suspect she is into women. After reading a great deal on Facebook pua, I come to realize
    that she is definitely gaming. I can tell by her posts and I am totally hooked.

    While I am not the type of looser that would sit on her Facebook, taking the bait, commenting on how sexy she is in every picture, liking every post, and commenting on everything she says in a desparate attempt to court her, like 10 of her regular Facebook herom... I am the type of chick that would turn it around on her, and spin her seduction web right back at her.

    I started making random comments, oddly misused negs, and made a couple of drunk comments on her pictures I prolly
    shouldn't have. Some of it she liked. It was enough to get her attention. I know because thru my top secret jedi ninja ways I can
    tell who has been checking out my sh1t.

    Then came something that just built the tension even more. I have been out of town and she knew it so there wasn't any

    plausible way I could go see her in person
    or even ask her out with out going out of my way.

    She decides to throw a party and broadcast it live over the internet, instructing people to go watch in their underwear if they couldnt make
    it. This party happened to be at somewhere I was familiar with, and knew how to get ahold of someone
    on the house phone there. So I come home from my party (im halfway acrossthe country that night), get on my laptop, and

    start observing her at her party in set. Keep in mind, I am watching the whole night go down and she can't see me.

    She doesn't seem to be interested in any one in particular that night, but I could see her peacocking and opening sets
    with women who were at the party.

    I overhear her talking about me to her close female friend and wing. She says something to the effect that I am really into her or something like that. The night goes on. I grab a drink. The girls are now on stage playing and singing I kissed a girl by Katy Perry. Tease. Tease. Tease. I was half expecting them to start making out on stage. Wishful thinking...

    So I call the party and ask that the person who answered the phone go give Jade a message. I wont say what that was here,
    but it was playful, sensual, and mysterious, oh and I didn't leave my name either! The night before I Facebooked her and told
    her I was gonna fark with her tonight. About 5 minutes after I call she says something cryptic and playful over the pa that confirmed she got the message. While her and her friend are singing she immediately pulls out her phone and starts thumbing thru what I am guessing is her facebook hahaha. The fact that I could see her and she couldnt see me was kind of a rush.
    I felt like a creep and it was kind of hot. I was sure she was checking her facebook to see if I was on there saying something and to see if it was me who called the party. THe night went on, and over the next couple of weeks the game continued.

    By now I have her attention. I also Have been posting stupid, funny, sexually charged, innocent seeming posts on my wall.
    She starts using my lingo in her Facebook posts. She seems to be posting more and more peacocking pictures, going
    out and doing things, having her guy friends take pictures of her with her phone so she can post them late at night
    on Facebook, all while remaining single.

    I roll off for a few days, and don't like comment or say anything, while 50 other guys attempt to hit on her. She remains seemingly uninterested in the boys to the point where she comes home and immediately gets on Facebook after going out. This is a girl who could easily go home with any body she wanted but she goes home and farks with facebook...

    I don't want to seem overly fascinated with her, so I roll off for a couple days and don't comment on her updates or send her

    any messages. Here is the real delimma...

    I am currently in L.A., she is back home across the country. I am so infatuated with this girl I can't stand it. I find her more interesting than any other girl I have met and really actually want to get to know her better beyond this facebook bullsh1t. We have a ton of sh1t in common, work different shifts at the same club, and know all the same people. I don't know
    how it is possible we haven't actually hung out yet. Maybe my dumb fault.

    I almost flew back home the night of her party to party with her but didn't because I wasn't sure that I had built enough attraction with her for it to not be weird that I would do such a thing. So I've been playing the
    cool game trying to get her to come to me. I can't stand the idea that a woman has got me so wrapped up in her
    web that I would consider doing such a thing. I am seriously about to wrap up my projects in L.A. and fly back home so I can
    actually do something instead of this.

    This facebook non-sense has been going on for months, and I know I can't continue to let a girl in my phone have so
    much pull over me. It's going to be a few weeks before I will be back home again. I would like to continue
    building attraction with her during this time, while keeping her interested in me and getting her as worked up as I am so when we do meet in person again, the chemistry will be unstoppable.

    This is a high caliber alpha women who literally has a waiting list of people who want to be with her, so I really should not make her wait, or miss out on any opportunities to hang out with her in the near future? I am usually the alpha in this situation so it is throwing me off and also turning me on a great deal.

    Any suggestions on how to let this play out? If she is not already, I wanna get her so worked up that she won't be able to stand it, and by the time I get back home we are just as fire and gasoline.

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    Default Re: My Girl on Girl Slow Seduction With A Female PUA. Advice, comments?

    It seems you have built much more attraction than is required to hang out. Why dont you invite her out with all these mutual friends of yours? Or use your fellow musicianship as an excuse to have her come over so you guys can jam.. if you play guitar and she sings voila! Showing someone to play guitar is an excellent opportunity for kino... anyway good luck scissor sister!

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