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    Cool Friend zone issue, people think we would make a good cuple


    I am new to the forum so forgive me for any mistakes.

    Basically the issue i have is that i am very good friends with a girl and have known her for about 3 months. A lot of the people at college have seen us together and say that we would make a good couple. I went away for a few days with this girl and since coming back everyone thinks that we are an item. We haven't done anything together but she always calls and texts me and comes round every other week to watch a film and usually ends up staying the night but nothing happens even when i try to initiate it.

    We had dinner the other night and she asked me if i fancied her as one of the other lads had accused her of being a heart breaker, she asked me if i did and i brushed the question aside by saying the answer is a bit awkward. Her response to this was well i told the lad who asked the original question was that she was sure that if i did fancy her i would have told her myself. She hasn't raised it again, i didn't have feeling for her originally but now do but fear rejection as i am worried it will ruin our friendship. I tried to ask her today but couldn't get the nerve to.

    Any advice please.

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    Default Re: Friend zone issue, people think we would make a good cuple

    If she said she's sure you would have said something, it means she wants you to say something and take the reigns here.

    Rejection is not nearly as bad as the regret of the moves you didn't try to make. I'm pretty sure she digs you.

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