There is this girl i've known for a while and we chat online, but we see each other rarely. Normally i'm just making fun of her online but she's a nice girl, she isn't internet ignorant even if she's not that interested. But she really responds to being protected. For example whenever anyone insults her and I publicly step in she responds extremely positively.
Recently she was feeling down about being misused by some guy and when i messaged her about this and explained that she didn't deserve this she responded overwhelmingly again.
After this we started talking about how she is rehearsing certain parts atm for auditions and I said i'd like to see these. She agreed that would be ok.
Now, she's never been to my place and I was thinking of meeting at mine, going for a drink to catch up and then coming back to my place.

Here's the points of discussion

1. None of this was set in stone. I asked her to text back to let me know how her last audition went, and when she comes back from being away. This was yesterday. No text back. Think I should wait? Think I should phone to talk about the bar thing to show confidence above just texting? Also it was not explicit that the only place I could do this would be at my place, so what about bringing that to the table and making it more comfortable? What about building comfort with this meeting point (the bar), or is there a more obvious comfort route?

2. The meet at mine, bar, then mine concept. Nice and comfortable, see anything wrong with this idea?

3. Any ideas of approaches or things to do if we actually end up at mine?

Thank you