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    Default Froze Out? Shit test? Me just being odd?

    So I made this random post on a girl's wall today. I took a picture of the ads Facebook delivers to me and posted it on her wall. The caption reads as follows:

    "Every day I get told what you like. Are these graphics accurate? Do you really like Bud Light and Mcdonalds? Or is Facebook spreading false rumors about you and besmirching your reputation?"

    Then I follow it up with "You always seemed like an Michelob Ultra and Taco Bell girl to me. *shrugs"

    aaand she totally ignored it, and obviously too lol. I wanted to gauge her sense of humor and level of interest with this. My first thought is: she has no interest at all. Come on it's farkin funny. b) she took it as an insult and doesn't know how to react
    c) she thinks im weird now.

    OR it's a sh1t test. We have had some positive interaction on fb. That was after I posted a comment on one of her pictures saying
    "I'm set for a month" which she also ignored.

    I'm just having a hard time with this one.

    She didn't delete the post or me from her friends list or anything. But then again some truly weird stalker guys have done some odd sh1t I would call crossing the line, and shes still friends with them. I was just being playful.

    I donno. Keep in mind, I am a chick, so that is a whole nother dynamic in itself.

    What to do? Roll off? Forget about it hey? lol

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    Default Re: Froze Out? Shit test? Me just being odd?

    Your a chick? Searching for another chick? Totally fine. Have you read the game or pickup material?

    Honestly, don't let it phase you. It's no different than a girl ignoring a text, or a call, or whatever. It happens constantly. Ignore it, don't talk to her for at least 3 days, then try to re-open with something else (call or text)

    Simple as that. If she doesn't respond then either, time to cut your loss and move on
    Never need praise, sympathy, or approval

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