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    Default Girl says things are not clicking!

    talked to this girl couple of times and bedded her few times as well. I thought we were heading towards LTR. I had made my intentions clear to her. During my last conversation with her, she was wondering why I do not drink, while every other guy from my age does. In addition, she said she likes her drink.

    After the last meeting she started avoiding me. After the last meeting, I sent her a text message next day asking her Facebook id, she choose not to respond. After few days, I sent another message, asking her why she did not respond to my previous message. She responded back saying she is busy and would email when free. I never heard from her again.

    After a gap of 2-weeks, I sent her another message with a joke. She responded back saying she would get back to me after 2-weeks. She got back to me after 2-weeks saying "things are not clicking, so that means we are not right for each other". I responded back saying "That's fine, No biggies, All the best". Of course, I was devastated.

    So my question is, where did i make mistake or what could I have done differently? Should i have texted her or did any of my text message made me look needy?

    Thanks for your response!

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    Default Re: Girl says things are not clicking!

    Looks like she was just not feeling ya, sucks but it happens to all of us. If she got on you for not drinking, and tried to make it look like you were not normal for not being a drinker, then this girl is obviously very immature and probably not for you. A girl that has some maturity would be understanding of someone's choice not to drink. Many PUA's choose to not drink out in the clubs, I think Mystery being one of them. For me, drinking helps my game as I loosen up after a drink or two, but for some people it works against them. If you choose not to drink, then I say any girl that gives you crap for it is not worth your time.
    Hard work equals hard bodied sexy women in your life. Picking up women = putting in the time and effort go get good at it. Most naturals have put in this time and effort without it appearing as time and effort to them!

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