Hb4 is in one of my classes, first day I pegged her as ugly nerdy chick. I know she likes me but its whatrver, til one day I see her randomly and get this nervous excited feeling. I realize I like her. She's actually like a 6 if she fixes. I'm a noob dudes I've never really been on a date and I think it's time for one. Problem - she's a Christian Jesus type good girl and I'm a daily potsmoker who dabbles in Zen and loves beer. Is this a good idea? Should I ask her out? What kinda date? Dinner?

Basically I'm thinking, here's a girl I like and feel comfortable around, fark the rest I wanna ask her out and see what happens. I think it would be fun. For the both of us. And if nothing else it prepares me for the next girl.

Guess I already know the answer but if anyone has any thoughts please do share. We're juniors in college btw. And no I don't wanna fark get if she's not cool with it. Thx guys.